CalculiX  2.8
A Free Software Three-Dimensional Structural Finite Element Program
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beamsections.f File Reference

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subroutine beamsections (inpc, textpart, set, istartset, iendset, ialset, nset, ielmat, matname, nmat, ielorien, orname, norien, thicke, ipkon, iponor, xnor, ixfree, offset, lakon, irstrt, istep, istat, n, iline, ipol, inl, ipoinp, inp, ipoinpc, mi)

Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine beamsections ( character*1, dimension(*)  inpc,
character*132, dimension(16)  textpart,
character*81, dimension(*)  set,
integer, dimension(*)  istartset,
integer, dimension(*)  iendset,
integer, dimension(*)  ialset,
integer  nset,
integer, dimension(mi(3),*)  ielmat,
character*80, dimension(*)  matname,
integer  nmat,
integer, dimension(mi(3),*)  ielorien,
character*80, dimension(*)  orname,
integer  norien,
real*8, dimension(mi(3),*)  thicke,
integer, dimension(*)  ipkon,
integer, dimension(2,*)  iponor,
real*8, dimension(*)  xnor,
integer  ixfree,
real*8, dimension(2,*)  offset,
character*8, dimension(*)  lakon,
integer  irstrt,
integer  istep,
integer  istat,
integer  n,
integer  iline,
integer  ipol,
integer  inl,
integer, dimension(2,*)  ipoinp,
integer, dimension(3,*)  inp,
integer, dimension(0:*)  ipoinpc,
integer, dimension(*)  mi 
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