CalculiX  2.8
A Free Software Three-Dimensional Structural Finite Element Program
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extrapolate.f File Reference

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subroutine extrapolate (yi, yn, ipkon, inum, kon, lakon, nfield, nk, ne, mi, ndim, orab, ielorien, co, iorienloc, cflag, vold, force, ielmat, thicke, ielprop, prop)

Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine extrapolate ( real*8, dimension(ndim,mi(1),*)  yi,
real*8, dimension(nfield,*)  yn,
integer, dimension(*)  ipkon,
integer, dimension(*)  inum,
integer, dimension(*)  kon,
character*8, dimension(*)  lakon,
integer  nfield,
integer  nk,
integer  ne,
integer, dimension(*)  mi,
integer  ndim,
real*8, dimension(7,*)  orab,
integer, dimension(mi(3),*)  ielorien,
real*8, dimension(3,*)  co,
integer  iorienloc,
character*1  cflag,
real*8, dimension(0:mi(2),*)  vold,
logical  force,
integer, dimension(mi(3),*)  ielmat,
real*8, dimension(mi(3),*)  thicke,
integer, dimension(*)  ielprop,
real*8, dimension(*)  prop 
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