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A Free Software Three-Dimensional Structural Finite Element Program
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springforc_f2f_th.f File Reference

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subroutine springforc_f2f_th (xl, vl, imat, elcon, nelcon, tnl, ncmat_, ntmat_, nope, lakonl, kode, elconloc, plicon, nplicon, npmat_, mi, springarea, nmethod, reltime, jfaces, igauss, pslavsurf, pmastsurf, clearini, timeend, istep, iinc, plkcon, nplkcon, node, noel, matname)

Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine springforc_f2f_th ( real*8, dimension(3,19)  xl,
real*8, dimension(0:mi(2),19)  vl,
integer  imat,
real*8, dimension(0:ncmat_,ntmat_,*)  elcon,
integer, dimension(2,*)  nelcon,
real*8, dimension(19)  tnl,
integer  ncmat_,
integer  ntmat_,
integer  nope,
character*8  lakonl,
integer  kode,
real*8, dimension(21)  elconloc,
real*8, dimension(0:2*npmat_,ntmat_,*)  plicon,
integer, dimension(0:ntmat_,*)  nplicon,
integer  npmat_,
integer, dimension(*)  mi,
real*8, dimension(2)  springarea,
integer  nmethod,
real*8  reltime,
integer  jfaces,
integer  igauss,
real*8, dimension(3,*)  pslavsurf,
real*8, dimension(6,*)  pmastsurf,
real*8, dimension(3,9,*)  clearini,
real*8, dimension(2)  timeend,
integer  istep,
integer  iinc,
real*8, dimension(0:2*npmat_,ntmat_,*)  plkcon,
integer, dimension(0:ntmat_,*)  nplkcon,
integer  node,
integer  noel,
character*80, dimension(*)  matname 
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